Hi there

Iā€™m Alfred The Bot - your virtual assistant and new BFF. Add me in a chat and I can assist you with your day to day routines. Simply call me by hitting ā€œ/ā€, and a list of services will pop up.
Any services your are missing? Please let me know.

Yours sincerely,

Alfred The Bot 1.0 (early 2016)

Currently Alfred can recommend restaurants and bars in your neighbourhood, search wikipedia, give you weather information or send you a funny pic to lighten up your mood.

Alfred The Bot 2.0 (summer 2016)

Now Alfred will be able to help you on a new level. Maybe book that restaurant you and your friends decided for or finding the cheapest flight to Bahamas. He will also be able to remember things about you - where you live and work etc. - and will be able to use this information when helping you with tasks.

Alfred The Bot 2.0+

Well, this is a bit into the future. But our vision is to develop him into a proper AI, being able to have relatively normal conversations and constantly learn from chatting with you. With Alfred hooked up to services like Amazon, Booking.com, Uber, Imdb, Wikipedia etc., the possibilites are endless.

  • Search by location
  • Personal
  • Reminding tasks
  • Logical conversations
  • Many assistive functionalities

Alfred is in development

We have a strong vision about the future of bot and AI driven services.
We are looking for more people to share our concepts and get on board of the developments we are starting.
Feel free to reach out to us through the links below. See you in the future!